Work harder and Keep going to be successful in life…

Work harder and Keep going to be successful in life...


CPG Brands go mobile

CPG brands long focus on mass marketing techniques have been changing now. The big budgets set aside for Television and Print media would get some relief now. Marketers have finally realized the appeal and benefits of mobile marketing. Its like a personal vehicle for advertising and if used effectively can tailor the messages to the right audience at the right time of the day or location or activity. 

For example, you could be sitting at home in your comfort zone and relaxing on a couch and doing couch shopping. You are lower in the funnel and a right offer on a video ad or display ad can take you in-store and make you buy the product. This engagement with the right audience is not possible even when you out for grocery shopping and checking the big banners on your way. 

According to a new research from InMobi, mobile ad spend from CPG brands grew 175 percent in 2013. This is a tremendous number and big growth in market share. Coca-cola’s Powerade brand has partnered with Endomondo, a sports community based on free real-time GPS tracking of running, cycling, etc. Powerade sets up challenges with prizes which motivates and engages the fitness enthusiasts. 

Mobile marketing is clearly a great way to cut down on expensive traditional mass marketing techniques by focusing on highly targeted audiences with refined messages and understanding the changing dynamics of it. 


How to get a Job in Canada? Biggest Dilemma that many immigrants face!!!


This is the ultimate dilemma faced by all the immigrants to Canada, including me. There are tons of advises. To begin with, build up your LinkedIn profile, do resume checks, if you are going for career change then bring out your transferable skills in cover letter . Having done that, the next step is to start applying for jobs to get Canadian Experience. But the big question is how do you get Canadian experience without previously having Canadian job? With limited network in the country, the chances of getting even a contract/ temporary job gets minuscule.  I know we all face the same frustration and dilemma on how to break in the market and make it big. 

Here are few of my brownie points:

1. English Language Barrier-  This is the most important barrier to overcome to land a job. Most of us don’t have English as our native language and its hard to express ourselves properly. Take language course and build up on your communication skills. We all have the “desire and the capability” to work for big companies but we get rejected in the telephone round itself. This is a big indication to take charge and work on language skills. 

2. Networking- Attend as many networking sessions as you can. You never know where your job is coming from. You just need to meet that one person who would understand your situation and would be willing to help you. Believe me there is that “someone” out there. 

3. Personal Branding- What separates you from others? What makes you different and why should the company hire you? There are tons of people graduating every year which means competition is only increasing and at an incremental level. Work on your core differentiation and make yourself distinct from the rest.

4. Be Yourself- Be proud of your achievements and don’t try to give an answer which appears appropriate and doesn’t reflect you and your personality. Do what you believe is passionate for you and focus on going better with it. You will achieve success!!!!